लोकतंत्र के राष्ट्र में,सबका अपना अधिकार हो यह बताने गणतंत्र आया, इसका भी सम्मान हो।

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On 26th January,we honor the constitution of India, which guides us in our journey towards justice and equality. On the special day of Republic Day, we the students of SRMS IBS celebrated this day with our respected director sir, very supportive faculty members and with the students of SRMS. First of all our respected director sir completed the Flag Hoisting ceremony and took the festivity of the event to a greater level by his zealous speech to the students, After their motivated speech a very peaceful song was sung by students. The student of SRMS school and business school organized various performances like song, dance,poetry, speech and it’s incredible to see them consistently pushing the bars. The performance was filled with enthusiasm and encouragement. After all the attainment there was vote of thanks to the participant’s and member who work really hard and contribute their efforts to make this auspicious occasion special.

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