Abhinav Kumar on his transformational journey at SRMS IBS from day 1 to his recent successful internship

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Very few management graduates get the opportunity to work with a top brand like Bharti Airtel Ltd. at the onset of their careers. Abhinav Kumar, PGDM Batch 2016–18 at SRMS IBS, has had the rare platform during his internship. Taking us through his progression at SRMS IBS, he says, “It was a brilliant opportunity to test my professional skills. I worked in Patna, Bihar region and interacted with over 200 customers in 46 days of my internship. I don’t think I could have a solid professional experience like that without the efforts of my B-School.”

What are the highlights of the curriculum, study methods, and learning materials at SRMS IBS?

First, the curriculum is designed to help us take on challenges, boost our leadership abilities, and work comfortably in teams. Faculty members offer study material that goes beyond books and enables us to understand the latest in management. Role play, group discussions, and interviews help us learn effectively while we are engaged in the classroom at all times.

What do you make of the infrastructure at the B-School and how does it help your learning?

I would say the infrastructure in our college is hi-tech. We have the best facilities for classroom learning and practically everywhere on campus. Faculty members use the latest technology to teach us in an innovative manner. These efforts are complemented through well-equipped library and other resources on campus.

Take us through your internship experience and what it involved?

My internship project on “Internet consumption and utility of data” was in the marketing domain. I was working in Patna (urban and rural regions), meeting customers, and asking them questions about the project. The project gave me insights into the current trends and internet-using habits of customers in the area.

What were the main challenges you faced during the internship and how did you surmount them?

Challenges were in the form of customers who didn’t want to answer questions or distributors who didn’t want to share enough information. The location of my project was also an issue, but I always stayed motivated. I received huge help from my industry mentor, who held the Head of Marketing position with the company.

How did your learning at SRMS IBS help you through your internship?

In one year at SRMS IBS I have learned to manage time and not get overwhelmed by challenges. The college has taken tremendous efforts to improve our personality, and the results are showing. I have learned the importance of patience, dedication, and the ability to work with teams and so much about myself. These attributes helped me during the internship and will continue to do so in future.