Fun Trip to Jim Corbett

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SRMS IBS never failed to give chance to enjoy and distress. The trip to Jim Corbett National Park was a relaxing trip for us. The moments were cherishable. The journey to Ram Nagar was hectic but the enjoyment was full on.You may probably know Jim Corbett National Park for exclusive sights of endangered tigers which roam around the park as well as nearby areas. A throbbing getaway to the foothills of the Himalaya into the wild, Corbett National Park, which is located in Uttarakhand along the banks of River Ram Nagar. Early morning we headed towards the safari from the resort. Thrilling, excitement and curiosity all was with us. These feelings were not only describing us but were also describing the situation. Gypsy which we used for our safari was open air. The guides guided us throughout the entire journey. The history about the park and about the animals was all told by them. The views which we witnessed there were mind aesthetically. The list of attractions of this place includes one more special attraction that should not be missed which is Garjiya Devi Temple. Altogether the trip was enjoyed by each and everyone and will be remembered by everyone