Ravi Shanker Verma believes his internship experience was the perfect launch pad for his future career

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As a management aspirant you will surely appreciate the platform that enables you to understand customer behaviour and work through 23 districts of a dynamic state like Uttar Pradesh. Ravi Shanker Verma, PGDM Batch 2016–18 of SRMS IBS, had that rare opportunity during his internship with Checkpoint System. Looking back on the experience, he says, “I learned about customer behaviour. I took on competitor analysis and realized how it works in the industry. These are crucial learning lessons for the corporate world.”

A Comprehensive Learning Experience

Ravi’s internship with the company began with one-week training in Gurugram, where he gained product knowledge and took on competitor analysis task. His project “Product Identification and Shrink Management in Retail Sector” began on solid footing and he had to execute the ideas on the field. “I worked through the length and breadth of the state as an individual. I was making presentations and dealing with customers every day. These are important lessons for me on my professional journey.”

SRMS IBS Grooming Played its Part

Ravi’s industry mentor gave him tasks during the internship and essential information to see them through. He got the support he was looking for to be able to sink his teeth into the responsibilities of a corporate professional. However his training for the professional world had began from day 1 at SRMS IBS. “When I came here I knew I had the talent, but the B-School has helped me see my true potential. I have received advice, feedback, and constructive criticism from my teachers, which has brought me to where I am today.”

Acquiring Skills Required for a Corporate Career

At SRMS IBS, Ravi says he has learned many skills that are vital attributes for successful managers. He has learned the importance of management skills and to work in teams. Today he understands a lot better what the industry expects out of future management professionals. “I have participated in different events and activities, which have taught me comprehensively about different management streams. I have gained organizational skills from these events. I have also realized the importance of personal grooming, which will help to make my mark when I start my career.”