Ruchi Sharma is on a fast learning curve after her internship in the world of Communications

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Ruchi Sharma vividly remembers her first day at SRMS IBS where she had to make a presentation and failed miserably. It’s interesting that, now in the second year of program, the PGDM Batch 2016–18 student not only makes daily presentations but has just completed her internship that revolved around communications. Ruche says, “Yes, I did my internship with Bharti Airtel Pvt. Ltd, Lucknow and it has taught me so much about communications. I feel I have come a full circle, because today I revel in communications and presentations, which are my forte.”

Communicating her Internship Experience

Ruchi’s internship theme was “Improving Communication Experience” for the company. It required her to work from the office and contribute to reducing calls at the call centre, because each call cost the company six rupees. Thus her task also involved aspects that went beyond communications. “It’s obvious that communications play a very important role in the telecom industry. But you have to understand that each word used in Communications has some interpretation. I learned the use of communication planner, how the script for communication is made and the daily functioning in the industry.”

Fitting into the Professional Environment

During the course of her internship Ruchi got increasingly comfortable with working in a professional environment. She admits it was initially difficult to gather data from employees who were placed higher in hierarchy. But with support from her mentor she gained in confidence while interacting with professionals. “Finally it boils down to whether you can hold your own in a workspace. Thankfully I had got the best possible training from my college. We had been through regular placement activities, which prepared me for the task. I realized interacting with professionals is fun and you learn so much from them.”

Teamwork is Crucial

Ask Ruchi about the most vital attribute for doing well during the internship and she singles out teamwork. During her office stint, she had to work in a team. It’s something she was well prepared for through various assignments in her college. “I have to say, all the activities at SRMS IBS are focused on helping us perform as professionals in future. From the GD and PI sessions to grooming classes, presentation skills, leadership qualities, and placement activities – everything is done to transform us into professionals. Our faculty members play a huge rule and are focused on our overall development rather than grades.” She feels that’s the right strategy to prepare management students for long-term careers.