SRMS IBS Finance Club Organized the Business plan event, “The Next Unicorn”

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Every day is a Bank A/C and Time is our currency, no one is rich, no one is poor. We have get 24 hours each.

To give motivation to the students of SRMS International Business School to become future entrepreneurs; the finance club organized the business plan event, “The Next Unicorn” the search for budding entrepreneurs, to give students experience about entrepreneurship qualities in early stage of the student life.

The event was about the Ideas and plans which the students had to showcase in front of the audience and try to fund their startup.

Six teams participated in the event showcasing their business ideas about digital marketing company, a bakery, an event management company etc. The students were evaluated on multiple criteria like Company Profile, Executive Summary, Products and Services, Business Strategy and Financial Feasibility. In this event team D was the winner led by Akriti Agarwal and Suryansh, with Team B securing 2nd position led by Vidhan Bhatnagar and Kaushal and Team A comes in 3rd position led by Kanha Agarwal. and Ayush It was a great learning opportunity for all the students.

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