SRMS IBS Industrial Visit to New Production Plant of Parag at Chak Ganjaria, Sultanpur Road Lucknow

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The students of SRMSIBS visited the new production plant of Parag at Chak Ganjaria, Sultanpur Road Lucknow on August 25, 2021.

The production had reduced in the old plant and with the commencement of this new centre; the output capacity will be doubled, reaching approximately 3 lakh litres a day. Additionally, the plant can now manufacture 2 tonnes of butter and ghee each, 1-tonne paneer, 0.5-tonne khoya, amongst other things. Also, Parag Dairy can now offer employment to around 400 individuals and is expected to bag an aggregate turnover of around ₹150 crores.

The plant is equipped with state-of-the-art machines sourced from the country and abroad, that would ensure optimum quality of milk. Amid the highlights, the plant has a censor-based densitometer that will send back milk samples which do not qualify the set standards. This innovative device presents a perfect amalgamation of German, Italian, French and Indian technologies. In addition to this, the production centre comes with automatic facilities for checking weight and quality, pasteurisation, packing and dispatch.

As per, the General Manager of Lucknow Milk Union Dr. Mohan Swaroop Gangwar, the association was set up nearly 82 years ago. Starting out with an initial investment of ₹10 and the first-round production of 20 litres of milk, the union has made a remarkable name for it and brought glory to the city.

Established on 23 March 1938, the entrepreneurial venture grew quickly and its products became an inseparable part of the households soon. Consequently, the first plant was set up in 1963 at Jopling Road.

Having served the Lucknowites for over six decades now, the brand has become a celebrated part of the state’s local dairy industry. With the materialisation of the recent project, the milk business in the city would soon witness a boom, making ways to all corners of the country.

The visit was co-ordinated by Mr. Prashant Arya, Marketing Manager, Parag and Prof. (Dr.) Ekta Rastogi.

It was indeed a great learning opportunity for the students to witness the live production plant fully functional and operational. Students learnt about procurement, purification, processing, packing and packaging of 25 + products produced by Parag