SRMS IBS JOIN THE “Higher Education Conclave – Ucch Shiksha Neeti Manthan”

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In a proud moment for SRMS IBS, Prof. Shyamal Gupta (Director, SRMS IBS), was invited to join the “Higher Education Conclave – Ucch Shiksha Neeti Manthan” at Hotel Taj Mahal, Lucknow on Saturday, February 4, 2023 as a panellist for the coveted panel discussion. An initiative of the Times Of India (TOI), the conclave – a run-up to the all important Global Investor Summit in Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) between the 10th and 12th February, 2023 – saw thorough deliberations on higher education policies.
Setting the growth narrative of the country, U.P. is poised for growth by leaps and bounds. In the context, TOI, Government of U.P., and Deloitte organised the aforesaid conclave that featured panel discussions on various subjects, education being one.
Prof. Shyamal Gupta contributed his bit nicely to the broader objective of the discussion as a distinguished panel member on education. His views were held in high esteem by co-panellists and the audience. Management students from SRMS IBS, too spoke on the subject in the capacity of the most important stakeholder in education.
The takeaways from the panel discussion, among others, were pronounced recognition for SRMS IBS and knowledge dissemination and its advancement in the education landscape.

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