SRMS IBS Organised the Alumni Guest Lecture

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As a part of Alumni Guest Lecture series, SRMS IBS had organised a guest lecture on February 26, 2021 in Coffered for the students of undergraduate and postgraduate. The speaker for the lecture was Mr. Waseem Ahmad an alumnus of SRMS IBS of PGDM Batch (2012-14).He is presently working as a Global Marketing Head with RV Industries based in Dubai, UAE. RV Industries is a leading Indian MNC in the design, development, marketing and distribution of Personal Protection Equipments. He enlightened the students on his experiences and the kind of a rollercoaster that life is working in the corporate world. He shared his various experiences and memories that he shared with SRMS IBS. Some of which placed a very crucial role in preparing himself for the much bigger world outside. He made the students aware of the hardship that he faced during his entire miraculous journey from being a student at this institution to now being at the top of the management chain of such a prestigious organisation. He shared his opinion on the kind of life and struggles one has to face early on, becoming a part of the company. He imparted knowledge on the way one should perceive the challenges in life and overcome them as the life in the actual world is a whole lot different from what they are taught at the campus.