Bottling Of Happiness

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It was a great experience to gain the knowledge about the back end processes preformed for bottling the Coca-Cola, before you get the chance to ‘Open Happiness!!’

Batches 2014-16 and 2015-17 of SRMS IBS, had an interesting trip to the Brindavan Bottlers Pvt. Ltd. which is a bottling franchise partner of Coca-Cola in India. With current production of about 20000 bottles per day, the plant is engaged in bottling various products in the product line of coca-Cola viz. Sprite, Maza, ThumsUp, Minute Made Fruit Drinks and has very recently commenced with the upcoming variant of coke known as Coke Zero.

It was very informative for the students to observe the sequencing and scheduling of processes in a fully automated bottling facility, right from ‘Treatment of Water’ to final ‘Packaging of Fizz’ bottles.