Fresher’s Day 2014

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“Fresher’s Day” in any college is an event which every student eagerly awaits from the time of their admissions. Seniors of Sri Ram Murti Smarak International Business School (Batch 2013-15) organized a Fresher’s Party on October 11, 2014.

At dusk of October 11, the event began with a welcome ‘Tilak’ on the foreheads of freshers, as they moved into the auditorium, where the mind blowing event awaited them. Beginning with bowing our heads before goddess of knowledge, i.e. Saraswati Vandana, the stage was quickly taken over by two extemporaneous hosts, who presented the flow of events in most hilarious manner.

The event was attended by all faculty members. Meanwhile, amidst fun and mimicry the Introduction Round of the Fashion Show began, where the freshers had to formally introduce themselves. This was followed by theramp walk by all freshers and seniors as well. Every participant was dressed dashingly and was leaving fire on the ramp. It was a perfect blend of traditional & western, casual, ethnic and corporate styles of dressing.

The jury shortlisted top eight contestants from the freshers, for the talent round. The talents round observed exhilarating dance performances, poem recitations, soulful singing performances etc. Immediately after the talent round the candidates ascended to question and answer round.

The event was full of funny and interactive fillers per se. The seniors had put great efforts in planning, organizing and scripting the event, which was equivalently complemented by the spontaneous performances of the juniors and audience. Finally, the event wound up with the crowning of Mr. and Ms. Fresher 2014.

Even after the consummation of the formal ceremony, the party continued on the dance floor till late night. The day was full of enjoyment and excitement that left many in fatigue and with sore throats, by the time the dance floor got cleared up. The event was highly appreciated and was a success in maintaining the legacy that has flowed in the SRMS-IBS family.

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