Guest Lecture on Traits of Adaptability, Hard Work & Convincing Ability

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Students of SRMS IBS got useful insights of the Telecom industry as Mr. Mirza Mansoor Husain, Account Head BSNL, Vihaan Network Ltd. came calling on the campus recently. Mr. Husain has over 12 years of experience in the industry having worked with several top names in India and abroad. He also handled a multimillion dollar GSM project in the LWE (Left Wing Extremism areas) of Jharkhand for BSNL Jharkhand. As he delved into his experiences he shared his expertise on wide ranging topics including Customer Services, Sales and Administration in industries like ISP, Mobile Telecommunications and Office Automation Systems. He also focused on traits of adaptability, hard work, positive attitude and convincing ability as the key to be a successful manager.