Harshal Rao recounts how his internship with Bharti Airtel offered insights into the world of sales

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“At SRMS IBS, learning for every student is focused on individual personality. It’s true of assignments, presentations, extracurricular activities, and internships. We were offered internships in keeping with our interests and future goals, which is probably why we have done well in them,” says Harshal Rao, PGDM 2016–18, who did his internship with a renowned name like Bharti Airtel in Allahabad zone. It has given him hands-on experience in the dynamic world of sales and inspired him to make his mark in the field.

Here he talks about the experience, its challenges and rewards, and how SRMS IBS prepared him for this important stage in transforming as a professional.

Can you talk us through your internship experience and what it involved?

My training program was divided into four parts: selling Airtel products, problem recognition and market survey, sales promotion, and opportunity grabbing. I started training as a Territory Sales Manager under my mentor and understood different aspects of sales including interacting with retailers, distributors, and customers.

What were the major challenges you faced and what were the rewarding aspects?

Every day I would work in a different market territory and the biggest challenge would be not being able to meet the target. Since sales activities require a lot of time and resources, starting from the scratch is difficult. But I coped with the challenges. After 30 days of training I was appointed team leader. That was an exciting moment!

What are your important takeaways from the internship experience?

I believe the internship has made me realize different aspects of sales. I have been able to implement many strategies and concepts I had learned in the classroom at SRMS IBS. Interacting with customers was a huge learning experience. I would say I have become morepatient and also confident in my abilities.

How has SRMS IBS experience helped you during your internship?

To begin with, because I had a solid foundation of concepts, I was able to understand various things that happened on the field. I didn’t feel like a complete novice when I was working with professionals. I also gained a lot from the grooming lessons and personality development classes at our B-School. These made me confident while presenting myself in the best possible way.

What sets the learning experience at SRMS IBS apart from other B-Schools?

I think the biggest difference here is the fact that learning is focused on and catered to tudents’ personalities. The faculty members and the range of activities focus on the growth of each and every student. Seminars and role plays, being integral part of the learning experience, ensure complete classroom engagement.