Photo Scavenging Activity – Orientation Programme Day-3

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On Day 3 of orientation a Photo Scavenging activity was organized in form of an event Pic Lurk. The students were divided into teams. Each team comprised of 2 students each. The teams were assigned various locations in the campus like Team Room, Basket Ball Court, Canteen, Activity Area, Gym etc. The teams were supposed to visit the location, do the research to find out and demystify these locations in terms of what memories are associated with those locations. So students had to click the pictures of these locations and narrate a story based on the images in form of the presentation. The event was judged on various parameters like Picture Quality, Relevance, Coherence with the location, Presentation Skills and creativity. The Ist prize was bagged by Saket and Addeba, the 2nd prize was bagged by Nitya and Priyanka and the 3rd prize was bagged by Aakriti and Poorva. The consolation prize was won by Rishab and Shubham. The event was co-ordinated by Prof. (Dr.) Ekta Rastogi and Dr.Siddharth Mishra .

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