Shubham Verma talks about managing a team and building a network during his internship

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“When I first started my internship with Bharti Airtel Pvt. Ltd. in Kanpur, I wasn’t even aware of all the products from the company. But I divided my responsibilities into smaller tasks and gave myself simple goals to stay motivated and succeed during the internship,” says Shubham Verma, PGDM 2016–18 Batch at SRMS IBS. As he reveals his strategy to perform during his internship, you can sense the tone of professionalism in him. Having already developed the confidence and mindset to make his foray in the corporate world, he looks forward to a promising future.

How it all Started

Shubham says he is being moulded into a corporate professional at his B-School every single day. He has learned about time management, the importance of multitasking, and handling high pressure situations. He also knows the value of grabbing an opportunity with both hands, which is what he did with his internship. “Our smart classes and team rooms are buzzing with activities like role plays and dramatization of topics. We are asked to make presentations on current affairs. Through different quizzes and competitions, we also understand the practical applications of concepts.”

Taking the Experience into the Industry

Industrial visits and guest lectures were crucial experiences that prepared him for the internship. His interactions with professionals had already given him a fair idea of what to expect in the industry. That’s why he wasn’t bogged down by his project on Selling, Advertisement, and Promotion of Bharti Airtel Pvt. Ltd. It was a mix of office and field job that often included long hours. “One day I visited 22 retailers and then came back for office meetings, which often lasted till 11 pm. When the market was down, I would inform retailers about new schemes and analyze previous day’s reports to stay on top of things.”

The Intern Takes Charge

With the help of his mentor and his own dedication, Shubham progressed tremendously through the internship. In fact, he was also given a team of 12 Field Sales Executives. He would instruct them and give daily targets. While being in charge of a team can be exciting, he didn’t overlook his main responsibilities to gain the best experience. “My mentor always told me that to be good in Sales you need to be in the market. By spending time on the field I have managed to build my own network. I understand to do well in your professional life, you should be ready to perform any task. I will carry this attitude with me.”