Varun Kumar gains from the unique internship experience that offers him dynamic practical exposure

admin Summer Internship Programme

For management aspirants internships are not only about working with the biggest names in the industry. Often you learn a lot more on the field, depending on your internship profile and project. Varun Kumar, PGDB 2016–18 at SRMS IBS realized that as his internship with Intense Diets Pvt. Ltd. took him to Bihar. “It was a really interesting project where I had to survey government and private schools to figure out the percentage of kids who were fit. It was a unique experience that I couldn’t have expected at this stage in my life.”

On a Completely Different Playing Field

Although SRM IBS had offered Varun practical experience and industry exposure, he admits that working in Bihar and interacting with local schools was altogether a completely different ball game. On one hand he had corporate exposure working with professionals in the office and on the other he was involved with activities happening on the field. “Survey of Diet Food and Nutrition in schools is a highly interesting topic. Getting people interested in what the company was doing was a challenging but satisfying task.”

Putting Theoretical Concepts into Practice

His internships involved long days, but Varun was up to the challenge. He feels he was well supported by his industry mentor, who assigned him tasks and monitored his progress. In the end it was all worth it because he understood the practical applications of concepts he was learning. He calls it the firsthand experience of what to expect in his professional journey. “I have used different marketing skills, interpersonal skills, and convincing abilities to get my tasks done. I believe this training will be an asset for me when I start my professional career.”

Placement Goals

At SRMS IBS, you learn way beyond classrooms and books. Faculty members bring their industry experience to classrooms and use modern teaching methods to keep things interesting for students. Varun also stresses on the importance of participating in different activities to explore his full potential. “The assignments are crisp and effectively drive the point home. Classroom learning involves role play, data analysis, group discussions, and so on. It has given me presence of mind and independent thinking abilities, which will help to make my mark with recruiters and bag placements.”