Industrial Visit to Parag Dairy

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SRMS IBS imbibes as much industry experience in its students as possible to enhance their learning experience. An Industrial Visit to Parag Dairy, Lucknow was organized for its PGDM students by the Industry Engagement department on 29th September, 2012.

During the visit, the students learned the supply management, logistics solutions, material handling and Standard operating procedures adopted by Parag for providing logistics and supply chain management solutions to their clients.

The details of the operations were explained by Mr. S.U.Khan from Parag Dairy, who gave valuable insight about Parag Dairy and its operations that start with the procurement of milk which involves stringent quality tests. After successful confirmation on these tests, the accepted milk undergoes processing through technical processors which integrates and completely automates all the operations related to milk processing, consist of clarification, standardization, homogenization, and pasteurization.

Students were also informed about the Milk Co-operative structure from a business perspective.

The visit was quite productive for the students and enhanced their knowledge about the dairy industry.