Industrial Visit to Westside, Lucknow

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At SRMS International Business School learning happens as much in the classroom as it does outside of it. As part of its practical learning approach, the school organizes industrial visits on a frequent basis to provide firsthand exposure to the students about various industries. On July 11,2016 an industrial visit was organized wherein students experienced the workings of retail marketing at a Westside store in Lucknow, which is part of Trent Ltd., a Tata Group Company.

Industry visits sensitize students to the practical challenges that organizations face in the business world. Industrial visits also provide students an opportunity to see academic theories working in practice.

The students witnessed the working of the retail store and this helped them to understand the importance of visual merchandising i.e. interior and exterior displays, also known as in-store design and window displays, colour, lighting, space, product information, sensory inputs (such as smell, touch, and sound), as well as technologies such as digital displays and interactive installations.

Store Head Mr. Syed Fahad explained about the various challenges that the retail store witness every day, targets histeam is expected to fulfill, the different brands of apparels that are sold, synchronizing the visual displays according to company’s criteria, segmentation of the products according to gender, economic class etc.

Students walked away from the experience excited to learn about what motivates purchases and how stores engage in subliminal marketing.