Industry visit to ALTTC and a guest lecture from company professionals creates a wholesome learning experience for students.

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Students of Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering Technology & Research, Bareilly had a wide-ranging learning experience through an industry visit and a guest lecture held in October. For starters, the students visited Advanced Level Telecom Training Centre (ALTTC), Ghaziabad, and after they had a renowned name from the company deliver a guest lecture on campus. Together, these opportunities provided important insight into a growing industry.

ALTTC is an Apex level Telecom Training centre of BSNL, Govt. of India and was jointly set up by ITU, UNDP and Govt. of India. The premises of the organization had a lot to offer students, who were guided by faculty members Mr. Devendra Gangwar and Mrs. Preeti Verma during the visit. The informative tour also included a visit to SSTP lab, IMS lab, NGN lab, MPLS lab and many other facilities that are an integral part of the organization.

As the students were guided through the different facilities, they were introduced to different technologies and the significant impact they have on present and future generations. The learning was taken a step forward when Mr. Abhishek Gupta, Asst. Director, ALTTC, visited the campus to deliver a guest lecture. He was welcomed at SRMS CETR, Bareilly by Dr. Nazia Parveen, H. O. D, EC department, before he took to the stage to talk to students about his organization.

Mr. Gupta brought his vast experience to the table as he talked to the students about different technologies involved in the field. The session covered several important topics, including NGN (Next Generation network), Transmission of Signals and GSM Networking for the benefit of students. He not only shed light on these technologies but made students aware of their practical applications as well. He finally answered their questions to leave no doubts in their minds.