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The Advances in Communication Engineering & Sensor Technology (ACEST) 2016 conference was held on 5 November at SRMS CET. The marquee conference was organized by the Electronics & Communications Engineering Department of SRMS CET.

This national-level conference was yet another step by SRMS CET to continually focus on keeping up-to-date with the latest and emerging trends in the world of technology. The event was divided into two sessions. The Chief Guest and Speakers for the conference were Dr Balwinder Raj, Dr T.C.Shami, Dr Anil Kumar, and Mr Amit Bansal.

Speaking about the importance of having a vision in the world of technology, Dr T.C. Shami “Until we don’t have vision and mission we can’t achieve anything”. He spoke about the DRDO infrastructure and what kind of job prospects it DRDO holds for engineers. The audience was enraptured when he spoke about his experiences working on the AGNI, DAKSH, and KAVERI engines. He also enthralled the audience with his comparisons between insects in nature and science when he discussed camouflage in the context of defense technologies.

The next lecture was by Dr Anil Kumar on Gas Nano Sensors based on CNT, wherein he discussed different types of sensors and their importance. The next talk by Dr Balwinder Raj was about the Nano Scale Semiconductor Devices. He discussed different merits and demerits of Nano scale devices, some MOS-FET issues and how to minimize leakage current. He concluded his lecture by talking about challenges for fabrication and current research in this area.

This was followed by paper presentations by some of the students from different colleges. The last talk of the conference was by Mr Amit Bansal whose topic was from about engineering careers. He also shared some tips to boost the confidence of participants by telling them to believe in themselves.

By the end of proceedings, the conference participants were educated, enlightened, and enthused by the discussions that happened.