SRMS IBS Cafeteria – The safe haven for health conscious foodies

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Studying at SRMS IBS, Lucknow known for its state of the art facilities has several perks that students can literally devour. And we are of course talking about the mouth watering food that the cafeteria serves to its students, staff and faculty members alike. Lucknow is a city known for its stunning cuisine and the cafeteria reflects it to a large extent as well. So if you are a foodie then the SRMS IBS cafeteria can be your own personal haven.

But what really sets it apart is the fact that the B School lays emphasis on healthy food for its students. Today an increasing number of people are getting conscious about their diets and eating habits. Food is not only the fuel for your functioning, but overall fitness as well. All management students have to be at the top of their game during their two year programs. For that to happen they need to make healthier choices, which the cafeteria at SRMS IBS facilitates.

You might have the best intentions to eat healthy but how often do you get to a college cafeteria and make do with whatever comes your way? Well, that’s never the case at SRMS IBS cafeteria, which seems to have found the perfect balance of tasty food that is healthy as well. It’s not a surprise then that it has become the go to place for students of the institute. Breakfast, lunch or snack – the cafeteria serves everything they want and more.

According to the students of the institute, they never have to deal with the limited dining hall fare that can quickly get boring and monotonous. In fact, many admit that they are often spoilt for choice with options that suit their tastes and health requirements as well. Now they don’t have to worry about finding healthy food options that can cost them a fortune. They have delicious healthy food served on a platter, day in and day out.