There is No Dull Day At Srms IBS, Ever. How And Why?

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There is no dull day at SRMS IBS, ever. How and why?

When SRMS IBS claims it is extremely student centric, the school means every bit of it. “Marco Mania, Ad Fest, Stock Market Mania are just some of the host of activities that we have for students at SRMS IBS. What makes them unique is the fact that they by students and for students, completely,” says Prof. Ashish Kumar, who has his expertise in Retail Management, Service Marketing and Brand Management.

Here the faculty member with a decade long experience in industry and academia talks about activities that create well rounded individuals at SRMS IBS.

Management related activities are basically- simulators

The B School has several clubs and a plethora of activities focused on different streams of management. Marco Mania is the marketing club activity where the students prepare business models, present it to the incubation cell, try to get their approval and raise funds. The advertising club activity, Ad Fest requires students to prepare ads that are on par with National standards.

Whether it’s Finance Club’s Dravya or Fundwiser, students come up with mutual funds. In Stock Market Mania, they trade in stocks and explain their rationale behind the decisions, each activity promotes out of the box thinking. So, how are these Finance, HR Club, Operations Committee, etc. activities helping students? “These outbound activities not only help students with bonding but build leadership qualities in them as well. They learn to work in teams and handle stressful situations,” explains Prof. Kumar.

Students don’t live their lives in the sidelines at SRMS IBS, even for a minute

Prof. Kumar believes that the institute understands the importance of physical fitness and how it can affect the overall performance of management professionals. “That’s why we have our sports club Proton, which promotes different activities. SRMS IBS T20 cricket tournament, basketball tournament, volleyball tournament, table tennis championship and Ironman are some of the hugely popular activities with our students,” he says with a smile.

Social is special at SRMS IBS

According to Prof. Kumar it’s important for future managers to be socially aware too. That’s why the institute has a volunteer club that encourages activities related to the social upliftment of the various classes that need attention.

But the concept of social today cannot be complete without focus on the ever growing social media. “The social media club helps students apply management concepts on different platforms. They can tackle their social reach, negative feedback, etc. coming through social channels and turn things around for themselves and their brands,” he adds.

Prof. Kumar believes that overall these different club activities allow students to apply management concepts into real world scenarios and be groomed for the challenges in their professional lives. As the saying goes, “there is no dull day at SRMS IBS, ever”.