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Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering & Technology & Shri Ram Murti Smarak International Business School, Lucknow celebrated the annual college festival Blaze-2015 which was a union of sharp intellectual engineering & management students, taking a break from their daily curriculum to indulge into a fiesta of music, enchanting and enriching competitions. Our cultural festival ‘Blaze’ enjoys the maximum corporate sponsorship and is also rated as one of its own kind. Being a part of the eminent empire, the event flashes class and skills reflecting in the personas of each student participating in it. The hard work and dedication of the students reflected highly in the event. The event was very well timed and well organized. There was fusion of cultural and intellectual events. The festival also had a DJ night for the students.

As vibrant as the city is, the college festival of Shri Ram Murti Smarak, Lucknow Campus was vibrant, where highly energetic students toiled to win appreciation for their talents. College festivals are the most effective way of bringing youth under the same platform, enhancing social interaction and facilitating exchange of cultural ideas and thoughts. Although college festivals are an ‘only students’ zone, hardworking students from many colleges, collaborated with their teachers and faculty members too, in their efforts to make their college festival the best in the city.

The annual fest “Blaze-2015” was a prism, where college students found an array of events and activities to participate in and got valuable recognition. Blaze had something for everyone. Ranging from competitions like Indian solo Singing to street plays. The festival also encouraged latest trends, by organizing fashion shows, group dance, karaoke, voice of Blaze, extempore, movie spoof, mime, LAN games and many more. Blaze boasted of unique creativity, passion and vibrancy.

SRMS provided a vibrant roof under which many upcoming talents showcased their skills and abilities. This year, Blaze came with a theme “Abhudaya” which literally means rising from the horizon, emitting from the dark, where students, expect the unexpected.

Blaze explores a whole new culture, which remains unexploited while resurrecting the traditions practiced since eons, thus opening new vistas to a festival celebrated with great claps and cheer. One thing was clear that ‘Blaze’ definitely was one of the most interesting events to attend and explore.