The Budding Manager’s Lifestyle at SRMS-IBS

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Aspiring to be a Management Executive and getting seasoned beforehand. Truly SRMS-IBS is a place to be in, which lets you to live the lifestyle of a manager with a pragmatic seasoning, leaving absolutely no room for probability. The ability to anticipate challenges & conversion of opportunities makes an individual ready for the desired professional life. Basically, lifestyle can be understood by the activities, interests and the opinion of an individual. A fresher needs to transform himself and strive to develop his personality according to the corporate requirement. The basic requirements are your aptitude, skills, demeanour, awareness of the market scenario and a healthy body.

The visionaries at SRMS-IBS have been inclusive of these two indispensable dimensions of creating future managers, i.e. resource and self orientation. The Resource Dimension is broadly inclusive of the support offered to hone facets of education, intellectual skills, encouraging willingness and eagerness to learn, and by having a healthy mind & soul. Whereas, the other dimension is more important for a balanced expression, which is the Self- Orientation dimension concerned with status & action orientation.

Resource Dimension at SRMS-IBS

Academics: Undoubtedly learning is of utmost importance at SRMS-IBS. The institute transforms scholars to managers, capable of meeting the challenges and rigors of the dynamic corporate world. Designed exclusively, the detailed & incisive PGDM program gives students the edge to stay ahead of the competition. The state of the art classrooms, team rooms, seminar hall, amphitheatre all supplement the learning environment for a student.

Intellect and skill development: The capacity & ability to learn is complemented by a pool of well versed and experienced mentors, which are behind the success story of every student. The language lab, well stocked library,online data base, frequent interactions with practising managers, soft skills trainings allow students to explore and identify their areas of forte.

Eagerness to learn: The students’ eagerness and willingness to learn is further stimulated by experiential learning in the form of live projects, outbound learning activities, club programs, summer internship, simulations, industry visits. SRMS-IBS provides a platform for everyone to learn and develop the managerial acumen expected from them by prospective employers.

Health: A healthy body invariably supports an energetic mind. SRMS-IBS ensures that the food consumed in its campus is healthy and nutritious. An in-house kitchen prepares and serves meals and snacks to the students. The mess, canteen and bakery promises to offer a fulfilling and sumptuous diet to satiate the appetite of students.

Self-Oriented Dimension

Status Oriented: SRMS-IBS has maintained its leading status in higher education for more than one and a half decade in Northern India. The prospective managers are transformed by an insightful approach considering them as a raw input. The process utilizes a series of progressive and interdependent steps by which the desired results are achieved. The transformation ensures that students become employment worthy.