Corporate Life Skills that the PGDM Program at SRMS IBS, Lucknow teaches you

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The 2 – year PGDM Program at Shri Ram Murti Smarak International Business School, Lucknow no doubt offers rigorous academic exposure and develops technical knowledge in the opted specializations. However, the course also helps students imbibe many essential corporate life skills that help students throughout their careers. We discuss some of these here.

Preparatory Learning

Students come to SRMS IBS from diverse educational backgrounds and industries. Some have been away from academics for a few years. To enable a smooth transition back to academics and learning, SRMS IBS offers a week-long preparatory course to help students get acquainted with the new surroundings, a new community, a new way of life and, most importantly, the course and teaching style.

Communication Skills

Your verbal and written communication skills define you as an individual in the corporate world. Even during the course, these are used almost every minute of your two years. The exposure you get in the program will improve your communication steadily. This is achieved through the structure of written and oral submissions for course work.

Presentation / PowerPoint Skills

A lot of the course submissions are in the form of presentations that you will be doing to your peers and to faculty. Basic-Intermediate level PowerPoint skills in building presentation decks get picked up in this process.Making these presentations to groups of students and teachers also helps students develop confidence alongside skills.

Excel Skills

A number of assignments, especially those relating to Finance or Marketing will involve dealing with Excel spreadsheets. You may be given inputs in Excel sheets and submissions also will need to be made either using Excel based calculations or submitting the Excel file itself. While basic knowledge is something most students come in into the course with, more advanced functionality will be learned through course work as well as special Excel workshops as part of the course.

Quantitative Abilities

When people think Quant, they think Engineering. This isn’t accurate. The course builds up from the basic quantitative base that you possess thanks to your entrance exam practice. During the course, you will learn to run regressions, do VBA analysis, and perform ratio analysis.

Inter-personal Skills

The PGDM course work is mostly done with study groups, with very few individual assignments. These study groups consist of people you do not know from earlier and may be people from very different backgrounds. Learning to work in diverse teams, which involves listening, leadership, taking instructions, empathy, and doing your fair share of work helps build essential skills for the future.

Scheduling and time management

The nature of the program is such that there will be multiple submissions, assignments, projects, and presentations happening simultaneously across different subjects. Learning to balance and prioritise tasks is something that students pick up very naturally in a short time and this stays with them for a life time.

Health &Fitness

They say health is wealth and this is even more true in the pressured situation you are about to enter. The host of outdoor and sports activities on the campus help students develop a healthy mind inside a healthy body. This help them to deal with the course load with a clear mind.

Industry Certifications

Finally, the SRMS IBS PGDM student receives much more than the well-deserved Diploma at the end of 2 years. In addition to all of the above skills, students also receive industry-recognised certifications of their choice, some of which are mandatorily required for working in certain professions. These 11 certifications cover Banking & Finance, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Ad Film Making, Business Analytics, Capital Markets, Wealth Management, and Retail.