SRMS IBS Finance Club organizes competitive events

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Dravya, the Finance Club of Shri Ram Murti Smarak International Business School, (SRMS IBS), Lucknow regularly organises activities that are informative while being fun and engaging. Two events were recently organised by the Club.

Excel Mania was an Excel based activity conducted on 21 March. The goal of the activity was simple; to make participants proficient in Excel. All PGDM students from both the years participated in the activity. It was designed as a competition in which there were three rounds of challenges.

1st Round: Quiz round based on Excel teasers – like Excel shortcuts, meaning of Excel ribbon logos, etc.

2nd Round: Excel talent round. Each team had to demonstrate one unique functionality of Excel that can be very helpful in solving challenges of business data management.

3rd Round: Problem Solving round. A common task was given to each team and the first three teams to finish the task successfully were allotted points.

The next even was Teen Patti, which was a Finance Quiz conducted on 28 March. Once again, the event saw active participation from all students from both years. Each participating team contributed a sum of money into a collective pool for cash prizes and SRMS IBS also pooled in equal amount to match student’s contribution.

There were several sources to increase the pooled money, for example: –

  • A team could buy an expert advice from a randomly chosen faculty member
  • If a team was eliminated in a round then he/she could buy a re-entry to the next round
  • A team could buy a lighter version of the question paper in the written MCQ round

There were 5 rounds of challenges.

  • 1st Round: Financial management questions
  • 2nd Round: Financial Companies Logo/Tag Line/Advertisement based questions
  • 3rd Round: Written MCQ Test
  • 4th Round: “Financial Bakwaas” – a Group Discussion round in which the participant has to talk financial nonsense on the given topic
  • 5th Round: The Teen Patti round – a gambling card round with open flash

Finalists and winners were chosen on the basis of the points earned in each round.

Both events achieved their objectives of fun and learn admirably.