Grand Celebration of Children’s Day at SRMS-IBS

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Nation building and caring for the rights and education of children, the future of any nation, go hand in hand. Joining in the celebrations held across the country, SRMS-IBS observed Children’s Day or Bal Diwas on 14 November. The occasion provided the students, the future managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs, at the institute an apt opportunity to relive and cherish childhood moments.

The cultural club of SRMS-IBS, Lucknow organized a fun-filled event ‘Be in Rhythm’, a kind of antakshari competition, with three different custom rounds and, of course, prizes for winners. With faculty members and students actively participating, the campus was abuzz with the joy and excitement of music and singing.

The surprise treat was a fudgy chocolate cake, filled and frosted with fresh creamy chocolate and decorated with caramel drizzle and rosettes. Cake cutting was followed by a gourmet snacks party. Altogether a fun-filled, memorable occasion for students, celebrated in the true spirit of Children’s Day.