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The First Semester students of B Sc Nursing of SRMS College of Nursing, Bareilly recently organized a ‘First Aid Module on Bandaging’ that was coordinated by Neha, Assistant Professor and Reshali A Massey, Nursing Tutor.

The module began with an introduction to first aid and the importance of bandaging. During the module, 12 stations were created by students to perform different types of bandaging procedures, which were evaluated by Aneesh Chandran, Vice Principal; Rahul Kumar, Assistant Professor, and Harshita, PG Tutor of SRMS College of Nursing. The module was aimed at educating nursing students about the proper procedures of bandaging that helped them gain hands-on experience, which is a crucial aspect of first aid, and an essential skill for any healthcare professional. The skill-based activity was appreciated by Aneesh Chandran, who also interacted with the students. Later, the fourth-year students of B Sc Nursing, first year students of ANM and second year students of GNM also visited to see the bandaging and demonstrated the procedures.

The nursing students were also taught about the different types of wounds that require bandaging and how to apply the correct type of bandage based on the severity of the wound. This helped them to gain valuable knowledge and confidence in their skills and ensured that they were applying the bandages correctly. The instructors also provided feedback on the students' techniques, helping them to improve their skills further, which was helpful in their future careers as healthcare professionals.

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