Orientation Program At SRMS-IBS For 2014-16 Batch

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Bringing the confluence of students with diverse background at parity and a sense of responsibility to complement each other’s forte while creating synergy for future challenges, with all these objectives the orientation program was organized for students at our college SRMS- IBS for 2014-16 batch. It was a five-day event that started from 20th June and consummated on 25th June, 2014 which was full of various insightful sessions and consequential activities.

The Orientation Program was held under the guidance of our Director Professor Shyamal Gupta and the faculty members. Prof. Gupta commenced the program, while he gladly and cordially received the freshers. He introduced the institute, its intellectual assets–the faculty members, facilitating infrastructure and how the institute envisions for its students.

Subsequently, students had interactive sessions with the institute’s intellectual capital. After introducing themselves, faculty members shared a glimpse into their area of expertise and their exposure. They introduced the subjects in their domain, the pedagogy, potential career in respective domains, streams which students can opt, the activities and programs organized in the institute and their worth in building career. They stressed upon their expectations from new batch, as the institute believes in co-creating a learning environment. Thereafter, we were introduced to the staff members who will facilitate us in our mundane academic activities, and while we live on the campus. Later, the faculty members interacted with the students individually, so as to know about their academic and personal background.

Students were exposed to learning through case study analysis. An initial outlook was given to the students by making us go through small caselets, which covered a wide range of current topics which made us connect with the realistic business world scenario. Various kinds of educational games and activities were also conducted to make us comfortable with our new schedule. Every day was a new experiencing day for us which was making our zeal and energy to learn new things grow.

Finally, the journey of Orientation program ended. Orientation program culminated with lots of hopes and promises for an outstanding career which commences with a learning journey of regular classes. It was really an awesome experience as we had an opportunity to study via such interactive measures. Lastly, we were wished a fulfilling and rewarding experience at SRMS- IBS.

Ankita Roy 2014-16