Journey in SRMS IBS

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To realize your dreams for building a career you have to embark on a journey, which starts with a sense of unknown to befall on you. The hallowed portal of a college gets you on this journey. I still remember the date 19th June, 2014, when I parted from my family to start a new journey altogether. Mixed emotions of nervousness and excitement invariably overcame my thought process. I was curious to be with people I never knew and mutual expectations sought from each other. I do vividly recall my first day in college. The college SRMS-IBS felt like liberation for me since I had an opportunity to prove myself on my own.

College is a dry run for the rest of our lives. It’s a training ground on how to be successful in personal and professional life. I experienced working under pressure with a workload which was intense than I had thought of. The major challenges were the large volume of reading, the imminent deadlines, and the incisive assignments. A consequential effect was doubt, frustration, and possibly loneliness. This made me recognize the demands expected from a professional. Frequent interactions with the institute’s Director and faculty members who were highly experienced intellectuals opened up new dimensions of thinking and learning. Gradually I started enjoying strenuous classroom hours, as I developed zeal to explore and learn. I was thrilled with the perceptible positive changes noticed in me with the personality grooming sessions by the institute. I was my own boss ten hours a day. There were rules to be followed which eventually turned fruitful as discipline and punctuality was inculcated within me. I could not forget my ultimate motive behind joining the college which says, “Don’t go flying off the end of the pier”. The presentations, club activities, sports activities all taught lessons that mere book reading would never do. Time had finally arrived to explore ourselves.

It’s always exciting to discover how wonderfully diverse college relationships can be. The amazing interactions with seasoned executives of the corporate world regularly gave us a pragmatic outlook. The campus, faculties, staff, my seniors and class mates, the college activities have dfinitely brought a change in my personality which I could have never dreamt of. I made lot of new friends but continued to be myself. The learning journey has been with lot of life time experiences, memories to cherish throughout our lives. The bond with faculties and other people I met is just laudable. Now, when I look myself in the mirror IFind myself a completely new person as I have turned into a new leaf.

In my opinion, experiencing the college life should be treasured for rest of our lives. Moreover, it is becoming familiar, with your strengths, than about getting a degree. It is all about being involved, exploring passions and doing things realistically.

Certainly, positive things have fallen in place for me, facilitated by the amazing learning environment of my college. They provided me the opportunities, to make me realize and believe in myself. Now with SRMS-IBS I can appreciate that to be successful one must have an appropriate learning environment to excel.

Palak Makker 2014-16