Professor Bhawana Pant, Human Resources faculty, speaks about her passion, pedagogy, and pursuits

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A deep passion for the discipline drives Professor Bhawana Pant, Human Resources Department, at SRMS IBS. She is drawn by the idea of interacting and learning about people. She firmly believes HR is at the heart of the corporate world, because it enables managing and bringing out the best in work teams. With 7 years of experience, including in Mumbai, here she reveals her passion and pedagogy that helps create industry-ready HR professionals. She also talks about her personal pursuits. So, who is Professor Bhawana Pant? Let’s find out.

Her interest in HR

To start with, Professor Pant’s deep dedication to Human Resources is led by her genuine interest in the discipline. Having imbibed the love for the subject from her teachers, she now hopes to follow in their footsteps by inspiring others. She says enthusiastically, ‘I absolutely love interacting with people and that drove my decision to have a career in HR. I love dealing with people, counselling them, managing and inspiring them. That’s how I realized I am meant for a career in the field. And, I haven’t looked back since.’

Her achievements as an academic

While moulding future managers at SRMS IBS, Professor Pant is also pursuing PhD. An avid researcher, she believes the spirit of study and enquiry is crucial to grow in the academia and in the industry. Sharing some highlights of her career, she says, ‘I have published and presented research papers in national and international journals, but I keep looking to pursue more quality work. A high point for me was when I was chosen as the speaker at National Teacher’s Congress, where I had to present my ideas in front of 2000 people.’

Her pedagogy to boost classroom learning

Having worked as head of Entrepreneurship Development Cell, Professor Pant has also organized MDPs. But, she feels, the biggest achievement is when her students consider her a mentor and approach her whenever they have any problem. She has gained their trust and respect through her classroom teaching methods, which involve ‘case studies, role plays, and just about any strategy that leads to student interaction’. Elaborating, she continues, ‘I am always accessible to my students. To update my skills, I try to keep up with the latest trends and speak to people from the corporate world.’

Her hobbies and pursuits

Dedication to her role as an academic means making compromises on the personal front. Balancing work and personal life, Professor Pant tries to give herself the time to follow other pursuits. Asked about her hobbies, she says, ‘I spend about eight hours at SRMS IBS. But I try and read a book on my way to work. I love to read and listen to music. Besides that, my interest lies in people. Giving respect and getting respect is my philosophy, and that is what I get as an academic.’

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