SRMS IBS Organised a Finance Club Activity “The Budget”

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SRMS IBS organised a finance club activity on February 5,2021. The subject of the event was “The budget” in which all the undergraduate and post graduate students had to explain the budget to everyone through their presentation. There were several group each having 7 students from their respective classes. Upon the conclusion of the event, students were awarded for the amount of attention to detail that they provided. At post-graduate level, Vaishno Kant was presented with gold medal and Sheelika Mishra with silver medal. In Undergraduate level, students from group 6 (Rishika Prabhakar, Swejal Yadav, Sagar Sharma, Shubham Sharma, Shashank Singh, Shivanjali Singh, Kartikay Gaur) of BBA section B secured the top spot and the second place was acquired by group 3 (Anas Khan, Aman Verma, Ankit Gupta, Abhineshwar Singh, Ajay Pandey, Ashish Kumar Yadav, Ayush Kumar Tiwari) of BBA section A.

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