Students of SRMS CETR, Bareilly attend a workshop on ‘Embedded Systems with ARM processor’

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An informative workshop on ‘Embedded Systems with ARM processor’ was held for the students at SRMS CETR, Bareilly on 3 October 2016. Organized by DUCAT, Noida, a leading name in the business, the workshop offered students an understanding of the basics in the field and its practical applications in the real world as well.

Mr. Praveen Pandey, an experienced professional in the field from the company, helmed the workshop. Through his session he covered wide-ranging topics to make students of the institute aware of various technologies that are involved. To keep things interesting, he had devised his session to be interactive and that added to the engagement of the students.

Mr. Pandey started the workshop with a presentation that illustrated all about embedded systems and ARM processors. It was an eye-opening first session that had students asking for more in the next session. The experienced professional did not disappoint and offered them an opportunity to put everything they had learned into practice.

It was heartening to see the students putting their best step forward to ensure that they implemented their learning of the day. Mr. Pandey offered them constructive feedback on their work in real time. He concluded the workshop on a high note and encouraged the students to discover their capabilities and start experimenting, making their own hardware components.