Workshop on Business Etiquette and Soft Skills at SRMS IBS

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On 9 October, a workshop on Business Etiquette and Soft Skills was specially organized for first-year students. The workshop was conducted by Dr Syed Ahmed Rizvan and Ms Pallavi Singh, soft skills trainers with wide experience in the services sector.

From what constitutes personal grooming to the role of body language in creating the right impression to what is expected at a dinner table – the workshop tried to cover significant ground while offering insights on the rules of polite and correct behaviour. The highlight of the session: how to conduct oneself confidently in an interview. This was made all the more interesting through exercises in real time, where participants could actually learn by performing specific activities like entering the interview room, shaking hands, and making eye contact.

In all, the wholesome mix of discussion and practice, theory and activity made this workshop a truly fun-filled learning experience for the participating students.

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