Amazing ways nanotechnology is changing the world

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Everything when miniatured to 100nm scale has properties regardless of what it is. Nano scale materials are used in everything from sunscreen to chemical catalyst to anti bacterial agents.

Researchers are developing nanoscale assays used to screen for cancer, infections and even genes. Gold particles are doped with DNA to determine infection in a person.

Nanotechnology is an embryonic field, it is yet to be commercialized but progress is being made from lab to fab. Nano concept is evolving rapidly in three parallel phases:

  • Nano-materials and coating- Nano-materials are used in products such as tennis balls, golf clubs and clothing. Nano-coating has variety of manufacturing applications.
  • Nano-sensors- Nano-sensors have potential in industrial automation.
  • Nano electronics- Going to the nano scale will help us embed electronics at a much lower level.

Dr. Ritu Singh is an Associate Professor in the Department of Basic Science & Humanities at SRMS College of Engineering, Technology, & Research,, Bareilly.

Dr. Prof. Ritu Singh