Students of SRMS IBS get invaluable exposure during their National Industrial trips to Mumbai.

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To give its students slice of real life industry experience and offer them exposure to ground realities, SRMS IBS organizes outstation trips. And what better destination to give young management aspirants real world experience, than Mumbai, the Financial capital of the country, the melting pot of cultures. Trips to the metropolis are filled with learning experiences for the students of the institute but at the same time they are fantastic bonding exercises for them too.

While for a large number of students from the group it is the first glimpse of the Indian Ocean, the sea is an integral part of life in Mumbai. It’s true of the Juhu beach the students visited and also JNPT, the biggest port in the country, which handles 60% of country’s containerized cargo. Visiting the port has been an eye opening experience for students as they applied different management concepts they learned in the classroom into practice.

A trip to the city of Mumbai just cannot be complete without visiting the financial institutions like the Bombay Stock Exchange, NSE and SEBI. The students from the institute got an opportunity to visit these esteemed organizations and their hallowed premises during the visit. It was important for the management students to get an insider’s views of how these organizations function and impact the world of business in the country.

Thus the trips to Mumbai were filled with opportunities that even seasoned finance professionals would love to have. And the students from SRMS IBS were experiencing them first hand. They also had the privilege of interacting with working professionals at Zuventus Healthcare Ltd. a pharmaceutical enterprise that has taken giant strides in a short span of time. Marked with industry visits like these, the trips offer invaluable hands on learning experience to students.

Of course, Mumbai – the city of life and dreams has a lot to offer and it can’t all just be work for the students. SRMS IBS organizes their trips to the city in a way that they are a good mix of learning and fun. There are ample opportunities for students to let their hair down and de-stress while taking in the sights the city has to offer. From Sanjay Gandhi National Park to Gateway of India, Juhu Beach and Siddhivinayak Temple, the students visited the places that make this city.

Mumbai is also the city of style and glamour. The trips included a big dollop of glamour as the students visited the Film City. They then upped their style quotient as they shopped till they drop at the Fashion Street. Thus their Mumbai trip had experiential learning and fun in equal measure. But above all, students of the institute were going back with memories and strengthened bonds with their batch mates that they would treasure for a long time to come.