‘Fund Wiser’ Training Activity by Darvya (Finance Club)

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Darvya, The Finance Club at SRMS IBS organized a club activity to increase financial awareness among the students on 5 August. The activity, ‘Fund Wiser’ held under the theme of “BHUJO TOH JAANE”, had multiple teams compete on knowledge about financial products. The teams had been provided with details of ten different financial products beforehand and had to come prepared with a roleplay wherein they played brokers selling these products. SRMS IBS faculty members played the role of the clients who have limited knowledge of financial products or investing and it was up to the students to make them comprehend.

In this game the investors were asked to make a mental choice of a particular financial product and the teams had to guess the financial product by asking questions. The activity was based on an online game ‘Alkinator Web Genie’,which has garnered huge popularity on social media.

The purpose of the activity, which was to promote better understanding of financial products, was well served. Moreover, the objective was achieved in a fun and interactive manner, thus reinforcing the learning.