Guest Lecture on The Asset of Inner Intellect at SRMS CET

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Date: 10/08/2017

Speaker: Mr. Ravi Valluri, Chief Operations Manager, North Eastern Railway

Venue: New Seminar Hall, SRMS CET, Bareilly

A thundering round of applause by the audience in New Seminar Hall, SRMS CET, Bareilly was followed by Dr. Prabhakar Gupta, Dean (Academics), presenting a green plant, a symbol of youth, to the speaker Mr Ravi Valluri, Chief Operations Manager, North Eastern Railway.

The two-hour seminar on 10 August was divided into two sessions: the first part consisted of the lecture and Q & A; the second part comprised a short pranayama and meditation.

Given that motivation is but a transient state, Mr Valluri spoke about harnessing the power of mind and expanding our consciousness. He discussed how this, in turn, renders a constant stream of motivation and the ability to reach the pinnacle in both inner and outer worlds.

The speaker, a theatre enthusiast, enlivened the atmosphere by mimicking the commentary of the 1983 Cricket World Cup final match. He cited examples of revolutionaries who employed the power of mind to make drastic impact. Author of the top-reviewed book, The Matter of the Mind, Mr. Valluri has explored multiple facets of the human mind. Persuading listeners to pick up the most difficult tasks, he encouraged all to nurture their talents in order to tap into the dormant powers of mind.

A counsellor for alcoholics and addicts, the high-ranking railway official shared his personal struggle with addiction. He emerged victorious in that battle – a large part of the credit he gives to his spiritual master. His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and to his own pranayam and meditation techniques. Now a faculty at the Art-Of-Living Organization, Mr Valluri shared with the audience the various physical and mental benefits experienced by practitioners of these techniques, of which ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ is highly esteemed.

The Q&A session touched on subtle differences between words as well as the path to self-discovery. According to Mr Valluri, ‘awareness’ is the guide to self-discovery.

In the following session, energy-imparting ‘Bhastrika Pranayama’ and visualization meditation were conducted. After this, silence pervaded the hall. Surveying the faces in the audience it was clear the event had been a huge success.

The seminar concluded with Dr. Ankita Tandon proposing a Vote of Thanks and Dr. Prabhakar Gupta presenting a memento to the esteemed speaker.