Invitation, for Free INSPIRE Science camp for students of Class XI and XII (SCIENCE)

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An initiative of DST, Govt. of India to incline the students towards Scientific Innovations and Research

Nurturing scientific acumen in the young budding minds of the students is a herculean task. Government gropes for the ways to incline the students towards scientific innovations and research. Inspire, ‘innovation in science for Inspired Research’ so that the series of inventions and innovations to make life comfortable may not be hampered. INSPIRE ‘Innovation in science for Inspired Research’, and ambitious project of government is also one of such initiatives. It is sponsored and managed by the ‘Department of Science & Technology’ under ministry of science & Techno logy, New Delhi to promote the students to opt for high research area of Science at higher education level. The programme aims at building critical resource pool for promoting S & T and R & D base.

It endeaverers to fill the knowledge gap among young talents whose prudence if moulded rightly may bring laurels in the field of Research and development. They are given exposure of the miraculous vistas of the field whose experience will not only enrich them but also take the whole world one step ahead in the area of expertise.

It is a farsighted initiative to prepare a strong base in the field of Science and Scientific innovations. It is also an attempt of saving the young scientific talents to be drained fruitlessly. The programme aims at nurturing a talent pool of utilizing and developing first principles in science. Under the systematic plan of the programme the brightest students of 11th grade are chosen and are given golden opportunity of interacting with research awardees, doing practical in labs and discussing various issues with learned faculty and scientists. The program not only enriches but also shapes the vision of further scientists.

It does not provide only exposure to practical training but also gives scholarship for undertaking Bachelor and masters level education in the natural & Basic Sciences.

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