Get Ready To Excel In the Corporate World With World Class Pedagogy @ Faculty Of Management Science, SRMS College Of Engineering And Technology, Bareilly

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During the two-year MBA Programme at SRMS College of Engineering and Technology, Bareilly, management students participate in various leadership and personality development training courses. The scientifically designed world class pedagogy helps students realize their potential and get ready to excel in the corporate world. The holistic, integrated training emphasizes on the following.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is a must to succeed in the corporate world. To develop communication skills, students at SRMS CET regularly participate in seminar presentations, essay writing, language labs, group discussions, and extempore and debates.

Interpersonal Skills

In today’s job market, simply having technical skills is not sufficient. Management graduates need to demonstrate adaptability with organizational cultures. The team-based academic assignments and co-curricular activities built into the programme at SRMS CET facilitate interaction with people from diverse backgrounds. With group dynamics reviewed and interpreted by faculty members, students are accordingly mentored and guided to imbibe interpersonal skills. Self-initiated interactions are always encouraged to groom students with positive interpersonal abilities. In this way interpersonal skills are aligned with “EQ” (Emotional Intelligence Quotient). Accordingly, students are able learn about qualities that characterize interpersonal relationships: from personality traits, social graces, communication, and language to personal habits, friendliness, and optimism.

Leaderships Skills

Students at SRMS CET learn to develop much-needed leadership skills. Learning to work in teams and groups with innovative ideas, students are taught how to effectively manage time. Alongside, case-based teaching methodology helps them develop problem-solving skills.

Computer Skills

Almost all jobs nowadays require basic competence in handling computer software. During the two years of the programme, students work extensively on a range of latest software: from MS Excel to other computer programs. In addition, online assignments form an integral part of curricular study.

Research Skills

Hiring managers seek employees who are skilled at assessing situations, are able to seek multiple perspectives, and gather in-depth information. Enterprising research skills are valued across industries and functional areas. Students at SRMS CET are offered focused training to help them acquire the required skills for interpretation and analysis with extensive data search.

Project Management Skills

Nowadays, many companies are hiring management graduates with project management skills. At SRMS CET, through student clubs, various co-curricular activities are hosted to enable students to learn how to effectively organize, plan, and implement tasks and projects.

Professional And Work Ethics

It is expected that employers will recruit management graduates who take initiative and are able to correctly perform a job with desired reliability. At SRMS CET, students are trained within a self-disciplined academic environment to develop a deep sense of responsibility and an orientation towards professional ethics.