Management Development Program on Managerial and Individual Effectiveness

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Shri Ram Murti Smarak International Business School, Lucknow

On 3 and 4 September SRMS International Business School, Lucknow conducted a Management Development Program on “Managerial and Individual Effectiveness” for Beeaar Group employees. Focusing on management fundamentals including leadership, brand value, customer service, customer satisfaction, negotiation, and team building, the program was meant to facilitate learning through rigorous interactive and practice based training.

Post the Lamp Lighting Ceremony, the Welcome Address was delivered by Professor Shyamal Gupta, Director, SRMS International Business School. Day One started with the participants briefly introducing themselves to get familiar with each other. Then Professor Pukhraj Kaur Khanna and Professor Sushil Gupta introduced them to the new meaning of Beeaar Group:
B – Best in business
E – Experience quality product and service
E – Easy for the customer to do business
A – Advance and updated processes
A – Assured customer satisfaction
R – Relationship which customer can trust
Alongside the new significance of BEEAAR acronym, participants learnt about the relevance of HEART for employers and employees:
H – Heartfelt vision and mission
E – Enthusiasm at the workplace
A – All inclusive practices
R – Recognition of organization and employee
T – Timeliness and productivity

Later there were warm-up exercises to energize and boost the level of participation. On Day One (second session), Professor Uttam Kumar provided useful insights on “Being People Manager”. The session involved an interesting activity with participants divided into groups. Each group was tasked to identify statements on the “Manager Vs Leader” table describing management and leadership behaviour. The activity was geared to demonstrate the difference between managers and leaders: how every leader can be a manager, but not every manager a leader.

Branding does not simply represent a logo or graphic element; it goes way beyond. Looking at brand, one really thinks about customer experience. This was best explained by Professor (Dr). Ekta Rastogi on Day One (third session) with advertisements, videos, and interactive discussions leading to the understanding of Beeaar Group brand value.

The art of Negotiation and its importance in dynamic global business environments formed the core of the next session. The zeal among participants was palpable: they gained knowledge of “win-win situation” through an arm-wrestling activity involving a happy mix of learning and fun. With an inclusive recap and discussions on takeaways, Day One came to a closure.

Expectation, enthusiasm, and energy marked the beginning of Day Two. Day Two (first session) saw Professor (Dr.) Ekta Rastogi sharing practical insights on Customer Service and its importance in an organization. Important rules regarding customer service delivery captured the imagination of the audience. For better understanding of the issues, participants were divided into groups to perform role plays involving different types of customers and ways to handle them.

Self motivation enhances confidence, reinforces enthusiasm, and provides energy to work while facing the challenges and competition to survive. On Day Two (second session) Professor Uttam Kumar led a holistic discussion on this issue. To help participants zoom in on their life goals and better understand the essence of self and life, the session included a dream prioritization activity.

The next session by Professor Sushil Gupta focused on teamwork in a fun way. With participants organized into teams, they were asked to form their bands and perform in groups. The activity led to an understanding of teams and teamwork including team development, group dynamics, and team-based management. In the final session, Professor Pukhraj Kaur Khanna conducted an employee engagement and group synergy activity, much to the excitement of participants.

Successfully planned and executed to bring about overall development of Beeaar Group employees, the Management Development Program enabled participants to enhance individual and collective managerial effectiveness.