MBA Batch 2017–2018 Visit Phoenix Mall

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When most people travel, they open their guidebook and visit major tourist spots. Malls open a window to the material lives of people and the material aspects they value. The value people place on “material aspects” they enjoy helps one understand culture, the same way we make sense of culture by appreciating the value of preferred architecture. A supermarket is an amazing place to observe culture.

Keeping this idea in mind and aiming to study organized retail in the field, MBA new bies visited Phoenix Mall on 2 August. Excited by the opportunity to review an assortment of brands under one roof, students donned their marketing hats to soak in the visual display of merchandise and understand its effect on the activity of purchasing. Moving around in small groups of four, students visited a number of retail outlets including Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, Reliance Trends, Max, Reliance Digital, and Store 99. Making silent observations, students were enthusiastic to gain practical insights on how customers behave and how they get influenced to make purchase decisions. They came out with stimulating responses, signifying the essence of consumer dynamics. The ultimate purpose of this kind of exercise is to enable students get basic information about organized retail and its operations in a Tier 3 city like Bareilly. It helped them get a peek into the daily lives of locals and ignited their passion to know more.

Travellers always hit the obvious destinations, but malls and supermarkets offer something different, unique, and local. If travel is about getting to know places and people, then watching people go about their daily lives at malls and supermarkets is a great way to do just that. With guidance from accompanying faculty members, Dr. Ankita Tandon and Mr. Abhishek Gupta, the outing proved informative and refreshing for the students.