Mohammad Mohi Uddin tells us how participating in different activities boosts his confidence

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“Engineering is not just about getting technical knowledge; it’s also the time you get groomed as an individual. SRMS CET, Bareilly taught me that because here learning is about hard work, discipline, fun, and entertainment,” says Mohammad Mohi Uddin, student of Electronics & Communication, Batch 2014–2018. As a member of the student welfare club at the college, he not only participates in but organizes different activities. Here he talks about the various initiatives at his institute and how they led to his transformation.

Practical learning experience

Mohi Uddin asserts that through the course of the program he has witnessed several changes in himself. Speaking academically, he is pleased about the fact that he has become more responsible and punctual. “The curriculum is rigorous and requires me to be at the top of my game. What I find interesting is the combination of theory and practical exposure. The PLC lab as well as the experience of working with DSO and CRO will be useful for me in the long run.”

Food for thought and nourishing overall personality.

According to Mohi Uddin, he feels stimulated on campus every single day. The canteen, which offers delicious, good quality, hygienic food is his favourite spot. But the campus is also the place where ideas come together and students learn from each other. “At SRMS you can take your skills and talents to a higher level. I was interested in skit before I came here, but working with the drama team Atharva gave me experience with multi-scene and street play.”

Coming into his own as an individual

Mohi Uddin asserts that there are three levels of activities involving departments, clubs, and SRMS Trust that one can participate in. Hence there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your talent. “I also represented my college at a workshop for entrepreneurship at IIM Kolkata and was amongst the top contenders. Here you feel encouraged by faculty members, who also offer counselling on overall growth once a year. As a result you shed inhibitions and spread your wings.”

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