Sanjana Kansal tells us why her plum placement with L M Softech was just one of the many rewards of being part of the SRMS family

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Sanjana Kansal, B.Tech. – IT (Batch 2013-17) student at Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering & Technology (SRMS CET), Bareilly was convinced she would bag the best placements after completing her program. She knew she was being trained to take on industry challenges from early on. Hence she remained focused on her personal and professional growth to fall back on in the long run. Letting her college lead the way for grooming, she believes everything fell into place as she bagged placement with L M Softech. Taking the first step in her career, she is raring to go.

Putting her best step forward

Sanjana realized the importance of making the best impression during the placement process. From reading books to engaging with quantitative aptitude to online job preparation, she left no stone unturned to give placements her best shot. She also talks about the benefits of the Learning & Development Class that her college ran for a full semester. “I was feeling confident during the selection process. I tried to give uncommon answers during the interview and that helped me stand out.”

Placement oriented programs

SRMS group of institutions runs specialized programs that help students present themselves as ideal candidates during the placement process. According to Sanjana, the ESEP program helped with recruitment with IT companies, to learn aptitude shortcuts, and even develop skills in a programming language like C. “I would definitely like to thank the TDP cell for conducting campus and pool campus recruitment drives that gave us access to top companies. Alumni like Umesh Khuswah also visited the campus for recruitment and inspired us.”

Being an industry ready candidate

Industry interaction sessions are a norm with SRMS group of institutions. They help students understand the latest trends in the industry and figure out what is expected of them as professionals. Sanjana believes they also helped her realize her own interest areas and prepared her to chalk out a smart career path. “I think the internship was also quite useful in that regard. I did my internships on ASP.NET with E-school, Gurgaon and on Java SE with Robust Coders. Made me aware of the latest technologies; could talk about them in my placement interview.”

Making the most of student life

SRMS endeavours to foster all-round growth among students. While presentations helped her overcome stage fear, personality development programs made her aware of her weaknesses and helped to improve her communication skills. “There were a number of cultural and sports fests offering platforms to showcase our talent. Participating in the fashion show for four consecutive years has to be my favourite memory – lots of fun and great for confidence building.”