Soft Skills Workshop at SRMS CET and CETR

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Alongside technical education, students in institutions run by SRMS Trust imbibe many life-long skills. The latest workshop is an apt illustration. To help develop and improve soft skills in students, a month-long comprehensive workshop was organized by SRMSCET and CETR, Bareilly.

With modules on various aspects of individual growth, including career planning, the training focused on developing robust communication skills and personality traits in B.Tech. 2nd year students pursuing Computer Science and Electronics.

The team from Career Planes, a pioneering firm offering professional training, comprising Dr. Jyoti Dhawan, Mr. Roktim, Ms. Mrinalni Deshpande, and Ms. Shama Parveen engaged with the students through various learning sessions. The range of modules was simply breathtaking: from self exploration, career planning, interpersonal communication, team work, and leadership to email writing, effective presentation, idea generation and sharing, and professional etiquettes to business letters, group discussions, getting extrovert, career planning, and placement preparation. The workshop also covered aspects like arguing assertively without confrontation, how to share thoughts without hesitation, and boosting creativity. In addition, the interactive nature of the training program helped students make the most of the learning opportunity.

Inspiring the right spirit and skills among participating students, the workshop will surely help the young learners create their own space in the corporate world.