Srashti Singhal reveals how SRMS CET, Bareilly paved the way for her placement with IBM

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Srashti Singhal, B.Tech. – IT (Batch of 2013-17) from Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering, Technology (SRMS CET), Bareilly recounts her journey with the college as a wholesome learning experience. Thanks to the state-of-the-art facilities, faculty guidance, industry exposure, and focus on personality development, she claims to have grown both as a professional and an individual. She says her learning ensured that during the placement drive for IBM she remained confident with her sound technical skills. It resulted in her getting placed with an international IT industry giant.

Making IT through the placements

IBM had organized a pool placement drive for recruitment where students from SRMS CET, Bareilly were invited. After the initial general aptitude assessment, candidates were put through technical and HR interview rounds. Srashti made through a large pool of candidates and a rigorous process. “Wanted to stand out from the rest! So stayed confident and presented myself exactly the way I am. Had done my research about IBM, improved by aptitude, technical, and interview skills, and was confident due to the comprehensive training at my college.”

Placement preparation that did the trick

The Training, Development & Placement (TDP) Cell at the college works tirelessly to give students a foothold in the corporate world. It informed Srashti and other students at the institute about the crucial recruitment drive, which eventually led to her placement. She also emphasizes the benefits of the Employability Skills Enhancement Program (ESEP), which was a new and innovative initiative from her college. “The program had many sessions on aptitude, technical, and soft skills. Gave me the confidence to present myself in front of a crowd and taught me how to handle myself during interviews, especially with HR.”

Learning from mistakes

Srashti recalls her time at the college as a coming-of-age period, because she was allowed to make mistakes but learn from them and become more independent. It was visible in the approach taken by her faculty members and during industry interaction sessions. “Our faculty members guided us, shared their experiences, and corrected our mistakes but didn’t force their opinions on us. The industry exposure we got through the program was tremendous. Might have failed at some industry experience sessions, but learnt from them!”

What lies ahead?

Srashti is thrilled by the fact that she has been offered a job profile she has keen interest in. But she understands that the reason for it probably lies in the internship she did earlier. Her internship project was Cloud Computing and IBM is a leading name in the field – this gave her the advantage. Ready to make her mark with the organization, she looks back with nostalgia at the time spent at her college. “The healthy and friendly interactions with faculty members are my favourite memories. Will miss them the most.”