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SRMS CET is going to organize COMPTECH TECHFEST 2018 on 7th April 2018.

  • Computer Quiz
  • Let’s Code (C,Java)
  • Do Doodle
  • E-Treasure Hunt
  • The Big Idea
  • Act to present

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With its range of events, COMPTECH TECHFEST (2018) promises fun and learning

On 7 April, Sri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering & Technology, Bareilly is organizing the much-awaited COMPTECH TECHFEST (2018) on its sprawling campus. Sponsored by Computer Society of India, the fest has 6 events under its banner: Computer Quiz, Let’s Code (C and Java), Do Doodle, E-Treasure Hunt, The Big Idea, and Act to Present. With 3 individual and 3 team events, there is something for everyone at COMPTECH TECHFEST this year.

Here is a quick look at what each event entails. While ‘Computer Quiz’ (30 minutes) will be based on computer fundamentals, in ‘E-Treasure Hunt’ (30 minutes) participants will need to unlock the folders after solving the riddles or programming-based questions. ‘Do Doodle’ (60 minutes) promises thrill and excitement as the theme will be disclosed on the spot. These 3 events – Computer Quiz, Do Doodle, and E-Treasure Hunt – are meant for individual participants.

For team events, we have Let’s Code (C, Java), The Big Idea, and Act to Present. In ‘Act to Present’ (2 members), where the topic of the presentation will be disclosed at the event venue, 60 minutes will be given for preparing the PPT and participants will get 8–10 minutes to present it. ‘The Big Idea’ (3 members; 8–10 minutes) involves showcasing a unique and innovative idea through PPT or Prototype model. In ‘Let's Code(C and Java)’, teams consisting of 2 members will need to address separate programming questions on C and Java within 120 minutes.

With its range of events inspiring creativity, imagination, and innovation, COMPTECH TECHFEST is set to become a unique platform blending fun and learning, entertainment and instruction.

Programme Schedule

Date: 07/04/2018 (Saturday)
Sponsored by Computer Society of India
Organised by Department of CSE & IT, SRMSCET, BAREILLY

Event Time Venue
Inauguration 9:00am-09:30am New Seminar Hall
Computer Quiz 9:30am-10:15am Lab B & C
Act to Present 10:30am-12:30pm Lab 2A+2B
The Big Idea 11:30am-12:30pm CS Seminar Hall
E- Treasure Hunt 12:30pm-1:30pm Lab B & C
Let’s Code (C, Java) 1:30pm-2:30pm Lab 2B+IT
Do Doodle 2:30pm-3:15pm New Seminar Hall
Closing and Prize Distribution 3:30pm-4:00pm New Seminar Hall

Common Rules

  • Participants have to bring their college id and one passport sized photograph.
  • Boarding and lodging will not be provided by the college.
  • The decision by the judges will be final for all the events.
  • In case of shortage of time the registration for any event will be done on first–come-first-serve basis
  • Final decision regarding DIS-QUALIFICATION, ENROLLMENT OF TEam and results in all the events will be subject to the concerned judges.
  • Fees will be exempted for CSI members(SRMS Trust students only) in any three events.
  • Rules may change on the spot as per the circumstances.
  • Registration fee for Non-CSI Student is Rupees 20 per participant per event

Rule Book