The journey of Anjali Gupta from fresher to confident professional at SRMS CET, Bareilly

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Anjali Gupta, student of B.Tech. – Electronics & Communications (Batch 2014 – 2018) at SRMS CET, Bareilly, considers her time at the institute to be a journey of self-discovery and growth. While the curriculum is no doubt most valuable in developing technical skills, it is the overall personality development that makes a person complete. “From day 1, we’ve been preparing for the challenges we will face in our careers,” Anjali says. “Our faculty members provide us with the practical knowledge, which is obviously required. Additionally, there are several programs in our curriculum to help enhance our skills and help us see our hidden talents, which otherwise would not have been discovered. Seminars, quiz competitions, contests, leadership development programs, etc., take place on a weekly basis, which adds a lot beyond technical abilities and also gives us confidence.”

Every facility on the expansive campus has been geared towards maximizing learning. From the well stocked library, to spaces for group study, to the canteen for wholesome food and in-depth discussions, students are provided every chance for peer learning and full development. For enhancing technical knowledge, Anjali says the world class labs are unmatched. “Our labs are advanced and highly equipped. For the complete knowledge of a topic, we need theoretical as well the practical knowledge of that subject. In that case, labs do a lot of help,” she explains. “We’ve been provided with the equipment we need to complete our projects. Moreover, our lab assistant helps a lot in providing us with enhancing our knowledge. Proper synchronization of both theory and practical aspects enhances our learning ability and things become clearer to us.”

Students get ample opportunities to apply these skills in their4-year course. SRMS CET arranges quality internships and summer training programs for students, which help them, apply their technical knowledge and further enhance their abilities as professionals.

As a pre-final year student, Anjali also gets to attend pre-placement talks by recruiters, which helps her understand industries and companies better. The placement cell also puts these students through a rigorous placement preparation program that helps them enhance their communication, interview, and presentation skills.

Campus life is also full of memorable experiences due to the sheer variety that is available. “My memorable experience with SRMS had been the annual fest that is held every year. Those 2 days are filled with indulgence in every interest, be it art, talent shows, dance, and so many others,” she adds.

All this adds up to a life-changing experience. According to Anjali, though students spend only 4 years here, the memories and the capabilities they take with them last for a lifetime.