A Guest Lecture on “Engineering Education in the 21st Century” by Prof. L K Maheshwari

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On 15th February 2018, Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering & Technology, Unnao has organized a guest lecture on the topic “ENGINEERING EDUCATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY” for the faculty members and students. The lecture was delivered by Professor L K Maheshwari, renowned academician and former Vice Chancellor of BITS Pilani having vast teaching and research experience in the field of electronics.

Prof. Anant Srivastava, the principal of SRMSCET, Unnao felicitated Professor L K Maheshwari for the guest lecture. He also introduced the speaker and the topic of the guest lecture to the faculty members and students.

Professor Maheshwari started his lecture by telling the importance of reading books. With many exclusive examples he showed how reading books could change the things around us. He suggested the faculty members and students to read at least one book per semester which should not form the academic subjects. He suggested reading books about culture, history, values, latest technologies, biographies and autobiographies of famous personalities.

Prof. Maheshwari stressed that the faculty members should change the way of teaching. Teachers and students are co-learners. Both should be involved in learning process. They should involve students in practical learning. He quoted many renowned personalities to bring out the importance of gaining practical knowhow along with theoretical knowledge. For practical learning he suggested faculty members and students to find out problem around them and give their best efforts to give the solutions of the problems. This will make them more innovative and creative. He also identified many real-world problems related to power consumption and agriculture filed and asked students to give the solutions.

In the very interesting manner with references from various religious books he discussed the human values which faculty members and students necessarily should have. He suggested every student must develop daily timetable and always try to keep him/herself in innovative and creative works. He emphasized that we must work hard in all spheres and should have positive thinking. We must also work for some social and good cause.

Prof. Maheshwari ended his lecture by advising the faculty members and students to save at least one rupee per day for a good cause.

Prof. Anant Srivastava, Principal SRMSCET, Unnao proposed vote of thanks and concluded the lecture with the saying “Dream Big. Believe in you and dream out of box”.

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