An Alumni of SRMS-IMS, Captain Dr. Nikita Srivastav Acts as a Life Savior to an Ailing Child

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An alumni of batch 2008 of SRMS-IMS Bareilly, Captain Dr. Nikita Srivastav, did a exemplary job in saving a life of six year old Seema Boro of Shantipur village in Udalguri district of Assam. Seema Boro was diagnosed with life threatening infectious encephalitis in which the brain tissue gets inflamed due to infection. She was admitted in Army’s Red Horn Division Field Hospital in Hattigor under the supervision of Captain Dr. Nikita Srivastav who planned and initiated her treatment schedule which lasted for three months during which her symptoms gradually improved and she was finally cured and discharged from hospital. Seema is now living an absolutely normal life and about to go to school.